How to Make your Baseball Trip Awesome?

The above map shows the location of every active professional baseball ballpark in the United States and Canada. Zoom and pan to find all of the baseball stadiums in your target area.

If you are planning to visit your local ballpark for a single game or planning a trip to see all 30 of the Major League stadiums over the summer, this is the best place to start for tips, advice, reviews and all the information you will need to make your game day experience as enjoyable as possible.

For everything thing you will need to plan your baseball adventure, start here:

Check the Schedule(s)

Find the schedules here for all professional baseball teams in the United States and Canada.

Plan the Route

Are you are planning to see more than one ballpark on a trip? Would like to find other baseball games along your planned route? Click here for a couple of slick tools to help you plan your route.

Make your Hotel Reservations

If you are planning to travel out of town for one game or a bunch, it pays to make your reservations as early as possible so you can get the exact room you need! Find all the information you need here to find the perfect spot for any budget.

Get your Game Tickets

Planning to buy your tickets ahead of time? Are you looking for the best deal on tickets? Need some advice on where to sit? Find all that information here and be sure to check out SeatGeek for the best deals on tickets.

Decide How You Are Getting to the Ballpark

Are you planning to walk? Take a cab or public transportation? Going to be driving? Get all the information you need here. And if you are planning to drive, consider reserving a guaranteed spot with ParkWhiz.

Decide Where to Eat and Drink Before and/or After the Game

Decisions, decisions! Get the scoop on the best spots to hit before and after the game here.